Client Testimonials

"Daphna is the best. She is professional and always follows through on everything. I honestly wouldn’t even ever consider using another agent because I feel like she is amazing!"

Kelly C. (9/8/18)

"This was our second experience with Daphna and I would recommend her to anyone I know. She was marvelous from start to finish and earned every dollar she made off of the sale and purchase of it house."

Peter G. (9/8/18)

"Daphna Robon gave excellent advice on the final projects to maximize value, as well as the timing and sequencing of each step. The entire process was completely satisfactory. Daphna communicated clearly and frequently, and we always knew what was going on and what we needed to do."

Philip W. (8/17/18)

"Daphna is extremely knowledgeable, savvy, honest, well-connected and supportive. She is the best of the best, and I could not imagine anyone better! She did a fantastic job of selling our house. Daphna has a comprehensive understanding of the market and what needs to be done in order to get the sale. She is an excellent negotiator and understands the finer points of the sale and closing of a house. Because of her efforts, we got top dollar for our home, and the process went very smoothly. She answered all of our questions, and was very reassuring throughout. Daphna made what could have been a very stressful process a lot more comfortable for us."

Dori W. (8/7/18)

"From prior to listing through closing date, Daphna provided us with service that was second to none.  Her advice and knowledge was really appreciated by us.  The photographer she used to photograph our home was excellent and friendly, the photos produced and the resulting brochure produced by Daphna was really amazing.

Daphna went the extra mile - she stayed much later than scheduled on open house days when traffic was high, reached out to each agent who showed the home - her follow through was excellent.  The end result: Sold in 5 days with 9 offers at 13% over asking.  We are so pleased with Daphna and can't wait to recommend her services to family and friends."

Pam W. (6/3/18)


"Daphna Robon is the most outstanding, thorough, exceptionally competent personable thoughtful kind and available real estate agent we have ever dealt with. She took care of every detail possible even some at her own expense. I completely recommend Daphna without any reservation as a most outstanding real estate agent. "

Joe E. (4/11/18)


"Daphna is a fantastic agent! She sold my house a year ago and got a great price for it; well over the asking price in fact. I told her I would contact her when I was ready to buy again. The next day she found a condo which was perfect for me! We were able to do a fast closing and I was in my condo within about two weeks.

Daphna was quick to respond to any questions I had. She explained things well when I didn't understand an HOA or CCR term or clause. She was also great at getting answers back from the owners.

Daphna was great in coming back to the condo for me to see it and even brought my entire family down to look at it! She got the inspection set up right away. And she got the closing expedited. Daphna is very professional while also being sensitive to her clients' needs. I would definitely work with Daphna again."

Kat C. ( 4/7/18)


"Daphna helped me list my house in Redmond as well as purchase my new home in Snohomish.

I've worked with Daphna before, she helped me purchase my Redmond home 4 years ago. When I decided I wanted to sell I contacted her again and with a little coordination she was able to help me get on the market within weeks. She helped get the house expertly staged and took great pictures, which helped the house sell in 5 days.

During this process we were also looking for new homes, hoping to find one in the next few months. She alerted me to a listing up north with the features I wanted, and after checking it out we decided to make an offer. Since we had unfortunately lost a previous house due to indecisiveness, Daphna turned this offer around in record time, and we were accepted just before another offer came in! Without her help we may not be living in this beautiful home.

I highly recommend Daphna, she's knowledgeable about the market and made the process as smooth as butter. I will absolutely ask Daphna for help on all future sales and purchases"

 Kevin W. (12/23/17)


"Daphna is amazing to work with. She was super responsive, willing to put other things aside to help us find our dream apartment and always transparent. She explained everything in detail and was very knowledgeable of not only the regulations but the market and thanks to that we were able to win the first offer we placed (even with two competing offers, one of them cash). I would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent."

Will V. (7/19/17)


"Daphna was an acquaintance and when I did research on her I saw that she was the top realtor on the Eastside. Then I found out that she had sold a house (and helped her buy a condo) for a gal in my book club.  I knew Daphna was someone I wanted to talk with and once we met I knew she was the realtor for us.  I did not talk to any other realtors because I was so certain Daphna was the right person.  The first time Daphna came to our house I was very impressed with the brochure she had put together about our house and the houses sold in our neighborhood and how we should price our house and prepare our house for sale.

Daphna and Gary, the stager, did an excellent job arranging the house for viewing by prospective buyers.  The pictures of the house were terrific. Daphna was always available to talk if I had questions or concerns.  She gave great advice and was a good listener.

The day we received offers was so exciting! We received eight offers for the house.  I was very impressed as Daphna negotiated with the prospective buyer's realtors to get the best price for our house. I was in awe as I watched her work with the other realtors. I was and continue to be very impressed by Daphna in both her knowledge of real estate and her professionalism.  When I am ready to buy something, I will work with Daphna again!"

Kat M. (3/27/17)


"Daphna helped us find a home in the Kirkland area. She's easy to work with and very patient --We took a few months to understand our best targets in the market, then another few months to get an offer accepted. She didn't pressure us and supported us through making multiple offers."

Ryan E. (3/9/17)


"Daphna helped me purchased a condo in Kirkland recently. I found out about her through my apartment property manager. Daphna is great agent and I would totally recommend her. Took us maybe 4-6 weeks and we looked at about 10-13 places around Bellevue/Redmond/Kirkland area."

Banha S. (3/1/17)

"I've used a bunch of agents over the years, and Daphna is hands-down the best I've ever worked with. We have now used her to buy two different homes on the Eastside over the years.

- Not only is she a realtor, but she's an attorney as well, so she understands and can explain all the fine print.
- She will never rush or pressure you. We took a long time to find our first house here and she never once rushed or pressured us.
- She's honest. She'll tell you not to buy a house if it's a bad deal.
- She's good at negotiating. She got us a lot more for our sale that we thought we could.
- She's warm and friendly but still very professional. I strongly recommend her to my friends. Many of them have used her services and purchased homes in the area."

Amy T. (1/30/17)


"I was recently fortunate to have Daphna as my agent when I decided to move from Seattle to Edmonds. She reached out to the owner of a condo above one that I had lost out on in a bidding war. She discovered that the owner was getting ready to put the place on the market, and convinced him to sell directly to me instead, with a contingency on my house sale, which is hard to get in today’s market!

She helped me stage and sell my home within 2 weeks of my offer on the condo. As the sale moved forward, we discovered one week before the scheduled closing that there was an easement issue with the driveway between my property and my next-door neighbor. (A developer who had just closed on the three properties next door and was planning on razing the houses to build zero lot-line houses on them).

I was a wreck worrying that my sale would fall through. She worked with me in consulting with my title company to learn what my options were, but it looked like it could be a lengthy process. She then reached out to the developer, and worked out a solution that granted an easement to the driveway, and it was recorded before my closing date! Daphna truly want above and beyond for me. She was empathetic, knowledgeable, and made all the right connections to assist in this process. I strongly recommend her."

Lindell G. (11/18/16)


"Daphna helped us purchase our first home in Kirkland. We met with Daphna for the first time on April 20th and we got the keys to our perfect place on May 25th. We know we got lucky in this competitive market... , but it was Daphna's knowledge and enterprise that landed us in the right place at the right time. My partner and I can not say enough about Daphna. She is accessible, she will fight for you, and her clear communication leaves you feeling sure about a complicated process."

Grace W. (5/26/16)


"Daphna is an amazing realtor. She was very patient and accommodated our needs while being realistic. She also assisted us with some of the paperwork we needed to complete. She went above and beyond in making sure we got the house we wanted."

Ivan S. (4/14/16)


"We just moved from California to Kirkland, WA. Thanks to Daphna we found our dream home in the perfect neighborhood much faster than we thought was possible! Daphna has been very supportive in showing us around and pointing out pros and cons of the different neighborhoods and homes. She proactively previewed homes for us, contacted sellers, agents and builders to gather additional information, provided additional photos and even a virtual tour on Skype for us.

During the entire process Daphna listened carefully to our wishes and responded promptly. Daphna has really gone above and beyond in providing additional and well researched information. She has reached out to builders, contractors and the City for us, to make sure all our wishes and concerns were properly addressed and then provided personal recommendations based on that. This way we were able to make informed decisions swiftly.


When we found our dream home, she was very professional handling all aspects of the purchase process including offer writing and communication with the seller’s agent. Daphna is definitely a one of a kind real estate agent. We would highly recommend her, in fact our closest friends are working with her now :-)"

Birgit B. (3/24/16)


"The best decision you can make when buying or selling your house is to work with Daphna. From beginning to end, she worked tirelessly for me. Work long hours and need to see houses at 7 PM on Friday night? She'll be there. Concerned about something on a property you're looking at? She'll personally go to city hall and get the information you need.

In a competitive bidding war for a home you love? She'll scoop all the details so you can make the best decision possible. Even when I lost out on a house with four competing offers, Daphna never pushed me to raise my offer higher than I was comfortable with or go above market value.

Sure enough, a couple weeks later she found another home in which I now happily reside. Simply put, Daphna was there every step of the way and I couldn't have asked for anything more!"

Zoie E. (10/18/15)


"As a first time home buyer, I have been very picky with my real estate agents. Having used several, I can easily say that Daphna is as good as they get. I needed someone trustworthy, experienced, and professional. In addition to all of this, she is very personable and flexible. "

Jordan P. (8/26/15)


"I trust Daphna. I met Daphna through a friend and the minute I agreed to work with her, she went straight to work. My house was ready to be replaced with someone's new dream home. So, Daphna went to City Hall and found out what could be built on my property and all the details needed to put it on the market as property to build.

Using drone photos to show the location and surrounding views, Daphna listened and worked with me to reach my goals. We found a buyer in the first week it was on the market. During the negotiations she protected my interests and the sale went well for both parties.

She is personable, creative and ethical. I am now working with her to buy a new home after a very successful sale. I really think Daphna is one of the best agents I've had the pleasure to work with."

Cindy L. (7/31/15)


"Daphna was our agent as buyers and sellers. She was a great advocate for us and kept us updated throughout the processes. When we sold, she was thorough in confirming all the details of the offer and advocating for us. The process was smooth and went quickly. "

Marissa M. (6/22/15)


"Daphna did a superb job selling our house! She researched comparable homes prior to placing ours on the market and strategically marketed our house to prospective buyers. She guided us along the way and was always available when we contacted her. As a result of her talents, we sold our house in three days! "

Christy Y. (5/26/15)       


"We were put into contact with Daphna via a program at our apartment complex. When we first met with Daphna, she quickly understood what it was we were looking for in a house and helped focus our search. Daphna was expectable at communicating with us and the sellers agent.

She was very responsive and was integral in encouraging the sellers to accept our offer over the many other offers made on the house. In the current market, having an agent like Daphna who knows the area, is a great communicator and is very forthcoming with information can make the difference between having your offer lost in the pile and having your offer be the one accepted. Daphna was very adept at ensuring we were protected as buyers during the whole transaction.

When we ran into issue following the inspection, Daphna swiftly negotiated an agreement with the seller and sellers agent to remedy the situation and saw after the contractors to ensure that the work was done on time. The inspector that Daphna suggested was also stellar. This is our 3rd house and we have never had such a though and good inspection. Her association with such professional speaks to her abilities as an agent and broker. I will recommend her to any of my friends who are in need of an honest, responsive and professional agent."

Peter G. (5/15/15)


"I recently purchased a house with Daphna Robon after relocating to Washington from Southern California. From the very first moment we were introduced to her, Daphna has been helpful, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive to us over the two months we searched in a competitive and heated Eastside market. Knowing nothing about the local area, we relied on Daphna's extensive knowledge to direct us to the neighborhoods that would be best for our growing family.

Daphna always went above and beyond in doing the research necessary to make our bid competitive in multiple offer situations, and gave us solid advice in crafting our offers to appeal to the home's specific sellers. Daphna made us feel important as her clients, and there was no time where I felt I could not reach her when I needed her. In an aggressive seller's market, you need a buyer's agent who can be responsive and get you to those new listings at a moment's notice, and Daphna was there for us.

For one home in particular, Daphna stayed up late with us and we had an offer in the same evening that the house was listed. In the end, we ended up with a home that we truly love at a great price. By the time we found the home, Daphna knew us well enough that on walking into the home, she knew that this would be the home we would buy, and she was right! Everything during the process was handled very professionally and I didn't have to stress about a single thing. If something was wrong, Daphna was not shy about getting all of the relevant parties on the phone and hammering out any issues right then and there. Communication was always excellent and we felt that Daphna had our backs 100%. If you're looking to buy in this seller's market, you can't go wrong with Daphna as your agent. "

Victoria D. (4/1/15)


"Daphna is an amazing real estate agent and you won't be disappointed you picked her. She knows how to come in with a well prepared and aggressive offer, so you are sure to be accepted. She makes sure that your deal closes on time. We highly recommend Daphna!"

Ashley A. (3/25/15)


"Daphna is a fantastic agent. She always made time for us, showed us dozens of properties, and gave candid advice. I always felt like she had our best interests in mind, which I think is the most important quality in an agent."

Brendan T. ( 2/23/15)

"Our family had to sell an estate property in Seattle, WA while residing on the east coast. We had previously contacted two other realtors whom didn't seem to have the same sense of urgency or direction that our family shared. Daphna came highly recommended to us.

From day one she did what she told us she would do! She had to do a lot of leg work for us as we were on the east coast. We never actually met Daphna in person but we're in constant communication with her on a daily basis. She always went above and beyond! Knowing what she was able to do for us while we were across the country just imagine what she could do for you living locally! The icing on the cake was that she sold our house and created a bidding war all on the first day the house was on the market!

Shelby L. (2/22/15)


 "I don't typically write reviews online but have to make an exception for Daphna Robon. I have to say it was a great experience with her as the buying agent of my home. She is very easy to chat with and clearly knows the profession’s ins and outs.

Daphna struck me as someone who listens to what her client is looking for as well as what the buyer would like. Then finds the median. She is the type of person who would look after her clients best interest if they are buying the home while at the same time not waste the time of the seller. She combined personalized service with professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm to make it all come together. Can’t Thank her enough and will definitely use her in the future."

Stephen E. Thorpe (1/14/14)


"Daphna was amazing and went above and beyond what we expected in an agent."

& C. Krause (2/1/14)


"Daphna kept us updated immediately everything and about every step of the process.

Nieuwesteeg (6/13/13)


"Daphna kept me informed throughout the process and involved me at every step-something I greatly appreciated."

Weeks (8/2/13)